About OhMiCup

The OHMi Cup was an event thought up by a few friends while playing a round of golf and drinking a few beers. We thought how much fun would it be to have our own little Ryder Cup. A few beers later we decided we had to do it. The next year we planned it out. I believe we started with 12 players per side and because the teams were so lopsided the Ohio boys had to give the Michigan boys strokes, and they still got their collective behinds whooped. The following year, 2001, the teams were increased to 14 players and with a few more “competitive” players the Ohio team escaped with a 2 point victory. The following year we held the first OHMI event away from home. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan was the location and what a great time we had. Unfortunately, the outcome was the same and the Michigan boys found themselves down 3 to zero. Year 4 was the first year the tournament went to a 16 team event with 4 flights. This made the scheduling and match ups a lot easier and much more competitive. The Michigan team beefed up their squad by adding a couple “Ford boys” and all of a sudden it was game on. With one convincing victory, another small victory, and finally in 2006 a 2 pt victory, it was all of sudden knotted up at 3 wins per side. With this being the Travel year every third year it is also another Hall of Fame class to be inducted to the OHMICUP class of 2018. There was 4 new members that had the honor in the class of 2018. Ron Stewart and Greg Frost on the Ohio side. Kurt Dearbaugh and Bobby LaFreniere had the honor for the Michigan side.
This years OHMI CUP was like poking someones shoulder for about 3 days. Just inching a little bit farther ahead after each round.. This was the year for the Michigan team to put another whooping on the Ohio team. Beating the boys down south by 23.5 points. The cup was won by a great showing of the entire Michigan team.Wow, who would of thought of it. Michigan needs to keep up the train movement to get this series down to a point behind with the 2019 event going back to North Baltimore Ohio for year number 19. Michigan wanted it to continue, not only to get to a 3 years win streak but to close the gap in the series with another win down to a 10-9 difference. But to also prove that the Michigan team owns their rivals in the year of 2018 and beyond. Ohio does need to stop that ride. The Ohio guys do need to stop the bleeding. What kind of emotional Michigan team will show up as they go into 2019 to Ohio and play at the the famous home course “the Patch”. Will the Michigan team be ready to keep control in the 19th year again in 2019? Well, we are counting down the days and it will be sooner than you know. Get ready and bring your “Buckeye “A” game….you will need it. Aug. 2nd 2019 is just around the corner. Now Michigan with their focus back to move forward in 2019.Ohio needs to get that bad taste out of their mouth with some home town cooking.

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