About OhMiCup

The OHMi Cup was an event thought up by a few friends while playing a round of golf and drinking a few beers. We thought how much fun would it be to have our own little Ryder Cup. A few beers later we decided we had to do it. The next year we planned it out. I believe we started with 12 players per side and because the teams were so lopsided the Ohio boys had to give the Michigan boys strokes, and they still got their collective behinds whooped. The following year, 2001, the teams were increased to 14 players and with a few more “competitive” players the Ohio team escaped with a 2 point victory. The following year we held the first OHMI event away from home. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan was the location and what a great time we had. Unfortunately, the outcome was the same and the Michigan boys found themselves down 3 to zero. Year 4 was the first year the tournament went to a 16 team event with 4 flights. This made the scheduling and match ups a lot easier and much more competitive. The Michigan team beefed up their squad by adding a couple “Ford boys” and all of a sudden it was game on. With one convincing victory, another small victory, and finally in 2006 a 2 pt victory, it was all of sudden knotted up at 3 wins per side.
This years OhMicup 2019 was a battle of two OhMicup  weekends rolled into one. First the boys up north invading North Baltimore on Friday started swinging rights and lefts in the morning and afternoon rounds leading the Ohio team 26-10 after day one.  After the Saturday morning round the Buckeyes were only down by 7 points 33.5 to 26.5. with a pep talk of Capt. Doane between rounds the mighty Maize and Blue put on a show to increase the lead after day two 40.5 to 31.5. It took every minute of daylight (and about 40 minutes of darkness with the help of the Ohio’s team golf carts headlights on the 18 green to finish the long and I mean long day.. 9:30 pm the Saturdays matches were finally over With Mike Sullivan sinking a 20 foot putt that he might not been able to see the cup to halve the match.  No one knew how big of a putt that might of been.   Did the Michigan team build enough of a lead to keep the cup and take it back to Michigan with Sunday’s 16 singles matches to next day?   With the thought of what happened 3 years ago to the day When the Sundays matches were finished Ron Stewart knocked in a putt on the last hole of the OhMicup to end the greatest comeback on a Sunday’s singles matches in OhMicup history.  That had to be in the back of the minds of the Michigan teams Saturday night and Sunday morning.  Well with the fight the Ohio boys have they never gave up grinding every point out that was possible.  This was so close at the end after all the golfing was done neither team new if they had won or loss. As the scores were added a loud cheer came for the valiant victors from the north. Michigan 53 Ohio 51 after 3 days of golfing it could of been different  with any ONE match. Wow, who would of thought of it. Michigan needs to keep up the train movement to get this series all even with the 20th anniversary coming the first weekend in August 2020 Going into 2020 now it’s 10 wins for the Buckeyes and 9 wins for the Maize and Blue.  Michigan wanted it to continue, not only to get to a 4 years win streak but to even  the series with another win for a 10-10 tie.  After traveling to the great town of North Baltimore and playing on the “PATCH” NO Michigan team has gone down there and has ever won.  Ohio does need to stop that ride. The Ohio guys do need to stop the bleeding. What kind of emotional Michigan team will show up as they go into 2020 to Michigan  and play in their familiar surroundings. Will the Michigan team be ready to keep control in the 20th year again in 2020? Well, we are counting down the days and it will be sooner than you know. Get ready and bring your “Buckeye “A” game….you will need it. For the first time the OhMicup will play in July.  Yes it will kick off July 31st Friday playing Saturday Aug 1st and the singles will be Aug 2nd. That Sunday 2020 is just around the corner. Now Michigan with their focus back to move forward in 2020. Ohio needs to get that bad taste out of their mouth with some great golf in the state of Michigan . Can’t wait for the 32 boys to get back together again.

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