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The OHMi Cup was an event thought up by a few friends while playing a round of golf and drinking a few beers. We thought how much fun would it be to have our own little Ryder Cup. A few beers later we decided we had to do it. The next year we planned it out. I believe we started with 12 players per side and because the teams were so lopsided the Ohio boys had to give the Michigan boys strokes, and they still got their collective behinds whooped. The following year, 2001, the teams were increased to 14 players and with a few more “competitive” players the Ohio team escaped with a 2 point victory. The following year we held the first OHMI event away from home. Mt. Pleasant, Michigan was the location and what a great time we had. Unfortunately, the outcome was the same and the Michigan boys found themselves down 3 to zero. Year 4 was the first year the tournament went to a 16 team event with 4 flights. This made the scheduling and match ups a lot easier and much more competitive. The Michigan team beefed up their squad by adding a couple “Ford boys” and all of a sudden it was game on. With one convincing victory, another small victory, and finally in 2006 a 2 pt victory, it was all of sudden knotted up at 3 wins per side.
This years OhMicup 2021 was going to celebrate the 21 straight years the Ohmicup would take place. This year in lower Michigan at two great courses. The Legacy in Ottawa Lake Michigan and Carrington in Monroe Michigan. After the first round on Friday morning Michigan took an early lead at 12-8. With the afternoon famous 3 holes of 6 hole matches 30 points were up for grabs.  So after the dust settled the Ohio boys picked up 2 more points to end the day only down by two 26 to 24.  Saturday morning starts the 3rd round with Michigan falling behind on the front nine but roaring back going 7 points to 3 on the back to increase the maize and blues lead at 36.5 to 33.5..With the another 30 points up for grab Coach buckeyes Greg Frost had to find a way to motivate the sluggish Ohio team.  He did just that winning 16.5  to 13.5 and after 2 days and 72 holes for the first time in history going into single the Ohmicup would be all tied up at 50 points a piece for the 20 singles matches Sunday  morning.  With an overnight rain to soften the course the Ohio boys came out red hot winning 11 matches and losing just 9. So with 9 holes left the defending champions for the first time has a 2 point lead. Just the back nine left to take the trophy back to North Baltimore Ohio.   Back and forth the matches went with all 40 players will finish around the same time not knowing  what the others are doing. As the scores start to come in the sense of the Michigan side was up 4 points with 7 groups still not in yet. When each group came in it seems like another point went on the board for the men up north. When the dust settled Michigan came up with 15.5 of the 20 points possible on the back nine to reclaiming and taking  the cup back north to the wolverine state with a 74.5 to 65.5 victory..Wow, who would of thought of it. Ohio needs to start the train movement again to keep this series from getting all tied up with after the 21 years  of play Ohio finds themselves up only by 1. Going into 2022 now it’s 11 wins for the Buckeyes and 10 wins for the Maize and Blue.  What kind of emotional Michigan team will show up as they go into 2022. Will  the Michigan team be ready to get control in the 22nd year which will be held at the “Patch” in North Baltimore Ohio ? Get ready and bring your “Buckeye “A” game….you will need it. The  OhMicup will start play again the first weekend 5th-7th in Aug. 2022. Now Michigan with trying to refocus again to move forward in 2022 to finally catch up with the scarlet and grey Ohio  team. Michigan needs to  keep the momentum going with some great golf in Ohio win or lose can’t wait for the 40 boys to get back together again.

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